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Diamond Drilling, Cutting and Sawing Services

If you require holes drilling in masonry or reinforced concrete, then Diamond Drilling offers pin point accuracy with smooth edges. Then our team of diamond drilling experts offer a wide range of diamond cutting and drilling services. Diamond Drilling can also be implemented where large areas of concrete need to be removed (stitch drilling), whilst maintaining the integrity of the structure.

We can drill holes which are anything from 12mm to 350mm in diameter and ensure they are drilled to the size required with limited damage; making them cost effective whilst minimising the amount of after-work touch-ups required.

Diamond drilling is ideal for drilling different sized holes or openings in masonry and reinforced concrete. Diamond core drilling is accurate, fast and cost-effective and become a go to in the construction and building industry for affective cutting and removing concrete. 

Diamond sawing is a clean and accurate method of cutting through concrete, masonry and any other building material for various construction or building applications purpose, where the saw is guided by a track and the diamond saw blade is anchored to the structure that needs to be cut or drilled through.

Floor sawing is the most commonly used diamond cutting method, where it is used to cut horizontal flat surfaces such as floors, bridge decks, and pavement. Remove concrete slabs and other hard floor surfaces faster, safer and more efficient than conventional methods.

Concrete Crunching is an effective way to carry out controlled demolition of a variety of materials, reducing concrete and brickwork to rubble using variable size jaws. The method is a lot quieter than usual methods of demolition work and beneficial when in situations where the noise and vibrations associated with Percussive Breaking could prove an issue to immediate surroundings and adjacent structures.

Concrete Bursting or Hydraulic Bursting is a quiet and safe method of demolishing or weakening large concrete, stone, block or brick structures. This silent and vibration free method allows you to remove lumps of concrete without having to use excavators, avoid vibrations and the use of big machinery.

If you need to cut or channel into concrete, block walls or floors we use a technique called ‘chasing’ with our diamond saws enabling you to install concealed wires or drainpipes within the existing structure.

Drill any size or shape with Stitch Drilling, where we drill a series of holes in a stitch-like pattern allowing you to affectively make any cut even when faced with limited space or difficult shapes.

Soft Strip is where we remove all non-structural elements of a building to facilitate the demolition, refurbishment or re-modelling of a building, such as bricks, concrete stairs, windows, ceiling, doors, studding, debris, mechanical and electrical. Where possible we reclaim items  timber beams, metal and plastics or recyclable materials.

This strategic procedure is where our team of experts provide structure collapses on itself in a matter of seconds minimising the physical damage to its immediate surroundings.

Why Diamond Drilling?

  • Significant cost advantages
  • Ability to make precise accurate cuts
  • Reinforced bars are cut cleanly at source
  • Minimal disruption to surrounding structures
  • Varying techniques can be utilised, dependant on the specific site conditions and materials
  • Quiet, efficient, non-vibratory way of forming holes and slots
  • Reduced dust and debris


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